Part #1: You CAN Beat Autoimmune!

When I was diagnosed with MS at 19 my family and I were terrified. A neurologist pronounced there was nothing I could do except take medication and prepare for my life in a wheelchair.

The promise of a full and healthy life seemed to be over. I lay on the couch for six weeks, numb from the neck down, distraught, confused, and scared. This would be the first autoimmune flare of many over more than two decades.

Six neurologists from leading institutions including UCLA, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford told me there was nothing I could do except take medication, without which my life might be shortened.

But my dad motivated me, saying, “Honey, you can beat this thing!”

Thankfully I listened to my dad.

I persisted through dozens of experiments and saw more than 50 doctors. Finally, I stumbled upon Functional Medicine. It’s science- and systems-based medicine that focuses on resolving root causes of autoimmune disorders in order to restore full function and enable optimal health.

In this first video training I share my healing story and the exciting and empowering science that enables complete autoimmune reversal for anyone.

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