Part #3: Jenny and Rachel are beating autoimmune. So can YOU!

Thanks for sticking with me so far. If you watched the second training video you’ve already learned the first half of the F.I.G.H.T.S.™ framework, and seen how people heal when they go step by step through the categories, including Food, Gut health, and Infections.

In this third video we’ll unpack the second half, which include Toxins, Stress, and Hormones.

There is increasing evidence linking exposure to environmental toxins like herbicides, pesticides, air pollution, mycotoxins from mold, heavy metals, and chemicals with an increase in autoimmune conditions. Sounds daunting, but the key is to minimize exposure and practice daily detox strategies. In this video l’ll help you lower your toxic load in just one week.

And the elephant in the room? STRESS. Chronic stress and childhood trauma pave the way for autoimmunity even decades later. But, with commitment to self-care and a decision to be well above all, one step forward leads to another, until hope becomes real, symptoms fade, and transformation happens.

In this video I’ll also share case studies of women who are beating MS, like Jenny who is minimizing her exposure to toxins; and Rachel who is finally putting herself first, replacing limiting beliefs, and transcending trauma. Both are living lives they love. And so can you.

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