Part #2: A proven framework for complete healing

After I beat the MS I quit my corporate job to study the truth about autoimmune disorders full time. I wanted to know how they develop and what we can do to heal.

Once I knew that complete autoimmune reversal was scientifically possible, I was determined to find and synthesize the major root cause categories into a framework so that others in similar shoes would have a complete roadmap for healing.

After years of research, a framework emerged that aligns perfectly with my dad’s refrain that I could “beat this thing.” Functional Medicine (root cause medicine) pioneer, Mark Hyman, MD calls it “a framework he’s seen work time and time again.”

In this video I walk you through the healing framework and share case studies of people like April and Kelsey who are following the framework step by step and beating autoimmune conditions.

You can do this on your own, without doctors, drugs, or drama. When you follow these steps, you’ll actually be doing what my personal clients are doing, but on your own, and without the one-on-one investment.

Look at you.
You’re already on the path to vibrant health!

I’m in your corner!

P.S. Look out for video #3 tomorrow!

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